Are Girondins de Bordeaux staying in Ligue 2? The FFF must decide (definitively).

The favorable opinion issued on Monday by the National Olympic Committee (CNOSF) gave a balm to the heart of the Girondins de Bordeaux, now suspended from the decision of the executive committee of the Federation that meets on Wednesday and that they can reinstate them in extremis in Ligue 2 .

If yes, it’s time to play: saved from administrative relegation to the National (3rd division), Bordeaux host Valenciennes on Saturday for the start of the L2 season, with a squad admittedly limited in terms of recruitments , but a heavy weight off the shoulders.

If it’s a no, the noose will close again: the Girondins club, demoted by French football’s financial police, the DNCG, on June 14, and then by the federal appeals commission on July 5, will not be left no choice but to continue. his legal fight by filing a provisional release before the Administrative Court, thus trying to avoid a catastrophic bankruptcy declaration for this monument of French football.

In this hypothesis, the weather will be tight and it seems difficult to imagine that the Girondins will return to the grass on Saturday for the first day, even in case of repechage on the tracks. The meeting against Valenciennes does not appear in the Professional Football League (LFP) calendar pending the ongoing procedures.

Before thinking about the field, Bordeaux and its president-owner Gerard López, very present in the media in recent weeks, turn their gaze towards the headquarters of “3F”, in Paris.

This is where the 14 members of the federal “Comex”, meeting on Wednesday morning, will have the fate of the six-time French champion club in their hands.

Thank you and “crazy risks”

With, at the end of the table, the president of the FFF Noël Le Graët. He himself who had qualified in 2020 López, then in charge of Lille, as a “financial acrobat”. He himself also estimated, at the beginning of July, that “the risks that have been taken (by Bordeaux) are a little crazy”.

To convince the Federation and its boss, López, however, has found some arguments in recent days. On the one hand, a judgment of approval by the Commercial Court of Bordeaux certifies the sustainability of the club in L2 and its economic viability next season. On the other hand, the favorable opinion of the conciliators of the CNOSF, issued on Monday, has given new hope.

The conciliators, in fact, pointed out that the Girondins had “made an important effort to present the elements that made it possible to eliminate a certain number of doubts (…) so that the measure dictated (by the appeal commission of the DNCG Federal) now seems excessive.”

These elements, which were not considered as new documents but as complementary and therefore admissible by the CNOSF, were related, in particular, to a debt reduction of nearly 40 million euros due to creditors King Street and Fortalesa, and the prosecution of 14 million euros by Gerard López. through its holding company Jogo Bonito as a guarantee for the sale of players during the transfer period.

Advisory opinion

That of forward Sekou Mara in Southampton, made official by the English club on Monday, must bring at least 11 million euros to the club’s coffers, which also depends on profit sharing (up to 20%) of the surplus value. of the transfer of Sevilla’s Jules Koundé to Chelsea or Barcelona.

But the opinion of the CNOSF, she advises, is not always followed by the Comex… If Nice (2002) and Lens (2014) had obtained a happy outcome after a successful step before the CNOSF, Strasbourg (2011) and Le Mans ( 2013) had been rejected by the “3F” after convincing the National Olympic Committee.

The Girondins dream of a destination in Nice or Lensoise, which would allow them to challenge Valenciennes in the second division on Saturday.

A look at history, it was against VA that Girondins won the title of D2 champion in 1992, a year after being administratively demoted following the various cases related to their former president, Claude Bez …

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