Andretti denounces the “snobbish” attitude of the F1 world

From the first rumors, last February, which echoed Andretti’s interest in coming to F1 in the coming years, not much progress has been made in this direction. Not to be missed, however, is Mario Andretti and especially his son, Michael, fighting with all his weapons to reach an agreement with the teams and F1. The two men were also present at the Miami paddock (May 6-8), to tour the stables. Because this is the whole difficulty of the mission: to win your entrance ticket, you have to be able to turn a blind eye to the ten members of this closed league, and convince them that their integration would bring more money to all who they would lose. cut the cake into 11s instead of 10. Obviously, that’s no small feat.

Several teams, such as Alpine or McLaren, have already publicly positioned themselves in favor of Andretti’s arrival in Formula 1. About half of the paddock remains to be convinced. “I have the feeling that F1 is still a European club, when I see how they treat usMichael confided to GQ in an interview on the river. Because we would be a threat … the real first international team! ». Mario and his son still firmly believe in an arrival for 2024, but for that they will have to move some lines that at the moment seem … quite conservative. “They adopt a very snobbish attitudedenounces Michael again, talking about half of F1. Due to the circumstances, we will bring more value and resources to F1 than we get out of it. »

Andretti believes it is the missing link in F1

Andretti Global is in favor of being a well-known American team based in the United States, which is an absolutely priority market for F1 and its owner Liberty Media. “I try to remind them that there are 350 million people in this country and of course there has been a huge increase in interest here with Drive to Survive, but they should not be happy with what they have. They caught the attention of the American public, but fans can get bored. You have to keep pulling the hook if you want to save them for the future. And we feel we can be that hook. We are a real American team, with a real American pilot. Finally there would be a root to cling to for our country. »

In addition to Alpine and McLaren, Mr. Andretti still believes they have already convinced one or two additional teams. “I think we have four or five teams by our side. But the others are blocking the schmilblick, so how do we get out of this situation? I tell them, okay, maybe you have it today, but what do you think we can bring to the future? But that doesn’t matter to them, they don’t care about F1. The only thing that matters to them is themselves. But this is how F1 works, it always has been. » On the part of Andretti, we especially denounce the attitude of Toto Wolff, who highlights the possible economic losses of the ten teams already present in F1 in the event of the arrival of an 11th member. “Use this as an excusepushes Michael. But think like this: I will have one less vote, one more vote against, that’s how he thinks.

However, despite the façade speeches of the various directors of the team highlighting the power of Andretti’s name in the event of the arrival of the American team in F1, Michael was expected to be distrustful. at the time of knocking on the door of F1. to join the closed league. “We knew what we were getting into. Swim with the sharks, so it’s best to have your harpoon with you. I’m not naive about that. Maybe I was a little when I was a pilot, but because of that experience, I am no longer. Everyone has their knife in their hands and is willing to put it on their back at the slightest opportunity. In view of the painting painted by Andretti’s camp, it is difficult to imagine the situation that will settle in the coming weeks …

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