‘Amazing circuit’, ‘It would be a mistake’, ‘Everyone loves Spa’: F1 drivers rise to save Belgian GP

The future of the Belgian Formula 1 GP is currently being played out behind the scenes. The promoters of the race are somehow trying to save the Belgian circuit, whose presence on the calendar in 2023 is threatened by the expansion of the discipline. South Africa in particular could steal the Belgian GP spot. Which the drivers don’t like at all, who formed a common front yesterday at Le Castellet to defend the Belgian track.

One of the best defenders of the Belgian GP is called Sebastian Vettel. For him, withdrawing Spa-Francorchamps would be an offense. “Spa is an incredible track,” said the German. “I don’t know any driver who doesn’t like Spa, everyone loves Spa! On the other hand, I know drivers who don’t like the circuit of Russia or Le Castellet. The new circuits are all similar. I”t I have nothing to say on the subject, but would choose to save Spa. It would be a mistake, for too many reasons,” said the driver of the Aston Martin.

One route mentioned is that of the alternation with the French GP, which takes place at the Castellet circuit. But in the paddock of the French circuit, where the event is being held this weekend, opinions are unanimous: the spa must take priority. “If I have to choose? Spa, easy!”, says Lando Norris, for example. “My mother comes from Belgium. I am 50% Flemish. In a way it’s a home race for me like Silverstone. I personally have much more ties to Belgium where I spent a lot of time during my childhood. And above all, I like the track,” he detailed

Charles Leclerc followed suit. “For the character of the layout, I would prefer Francorchamps. I prefer the circuit,” launched the Monegasque, who admitted he also had a special connection to the French GP. “You ask a French driver what he wants between his own Grand Prix or the Belgian Grand Prix. I love France, I want to race in my country in front of my fans and supporters and I will always support this Grand Prix before any other. But on the other hand, Spa is probably my favorite circuit on the calendar. I grew up watching F1 races there, it’s such a beautiful circuit, a great place to race. It would be a loss for the drivers and for Formula 1.” answered from his side Pierre Gasly.

Finally, world champion Max Verstappen has not done it by half measures. “It would be a shame to lose Spa. It’s my favorite track and they recently changed permissions too. I think it’s an incredible circuit in an F1 car, any car to be honest, with all the fast corners and the flow of it in general.” said the Dutchman.

Carlos Sainz, proposes to alternate the GP of France and Belgium to keep Spa on the calendar. “I think you have to find a compromise because in the end we all like to go to France, to Spa, but at the same time F1 is developing enormously. I think the best compromise would be to rotate. I understand that France or Spa may not be able to afford to be on the calendar every year, but I hope that at least every two or three years we can visit Spa with an F1 car. I just hope that even if Las Vegas, South Africa, whatever happens, we can still go back to France or Spa from time to time to continue enjoying these types of tours.” detailed the Spanish.

Spa-Francorchamps is backed up in the paddock. However, the circuit must meet new financial needs and improve its infrastructure for off-road entertainment. Discussions will continue.

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