Amateur rugby. The double life of Franck Georgiades, player of Tyrosse and Plaisir

Franck Georgiades has donated everything for US Tyrosse and next year will be dedicated to his training club, Plaisir.(© US Tyrosse)

Cauliflower ears, imposing physique, relaxed demeanor and strong resonant voice, Frank Georgiades (35) does not go unnoticed through the streets of Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse (Landes). He is one of those players often called “from the shadows”, who has always scrapped and defended the shirt in body and soul.

The third line of training passed late the left pillar, this guy agreed to surrender, for Rugby newsfor his loyalty to the two clubs of his life, the USA Tyrosse and the pleasure RC (Yvelines), as well as his vision of amateur rugby.

A double license last season

It is a brave spare wheel that gives 300% this is how Kevin Kahn defines Franck Georgiades, one of his best friends and colleagues alongside Plaisir and Tyrosse. It must be said that the person concerned had an intense 2021-2022 season. The Saint-Cyr-l’École native first took his license at his Plaisir (Federal 2) heart club on the Île-de-France. But 7 hours away, his other club in the heart of Tyrosse (Federal 1) ran into great difficulties as a left pillar. Victor Hontebeyrie alias “Fifou” was wounded, before the young Baptiste Discazaux also ended up in the infirmary. The Landes club therefore asked Georgiades and offered to sign up for a double license.

“I accepted the challenge, telling myself that I would play again with my best friend” le Roux “(Kevin Kahn) and my friends, just for fun,” says the person concerned. However, a new injury, this time from the starter Gaetan Dominiciwill propel him as a starter at Fédérale 1. “I found myself playing 13 games with Tyrosse and none with Plaisir (Fédérale 2),” laughs Franck Georgiades before continuing: “Even when I wasn’t playing, that was never easy. to manage it because I only knew it at the last moment, so it was difficult to return to Plaisir ”.

Franck Georgiades (above center), with his Plaisir friends.
Franck Georgiades (top center), with his friends from Plaisir RC. (DR)

The man doesn’t feel like working either. His days are full. Franck Georgiades works as an electrician the week before completing his free weekends with a few construction jobs with his company called “Ma Caille,” a nickname given to his group of friends. Settled in Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse, the latter left for Plaisir on Friday night for training, before playing on Sunday and returning on Monday to the Landestransport by the Yvelines club.

“I never saw myself playing anywhere else”

The love affair between Franck Georgiades and rugby would envy more than one. It was at the age of 9, near Plaisir, that this resident in Ille-de-France started rugby alongside the current second line of Tyros, Kevin Kahn. “Our first coach was Christian Savalois,” Franck recalls. “He is a former UST player who went to Plaisir for work and who accompanied us to the Senior. He was the one who advised Kevin to continue the adventure with Tyrosse and, therefore, indirectly with me ”. He returned regularly to the Landes and was even invited to a few workouts: “I did some sessions and I had fun! There was a great atmosphere. I found the same family spirit as in Plaisir ”.

Franck Georgiades (left) with Tyrosse Mayor Régis Gelez (center) and Kevin Kahn (right).
Franck Georgiades (left) with Tyrosse Mayor Régis Gelez (center) and Kevin Kahn (right). (© US Tyrosse)

In 2012, Franck Georgiades joined La Fougère (the name of the Tyrosse stadium). He first started with the National B jersey of the time, before tasting the grass of the senior teams. The great has chained the seasons, living strong moments and tasting the last stretches of the division. However, 3 years ago, his career should have stopped. “I had decided to leave rugby because I had just had a small child. As I was about to stop, my best friend, with whom I was playing Plaisir, said to me, “Why don’t you play a little jubilee game to have fun? “I got stuck in the game and played 6 games with them during the year. Then there was the health crisis that stopped it all.

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His voice continues to crush the words of the busy streets of Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse. He becomes even stronger when he talks about loyalty to his two clubs: “I never saw myself playing in a club other than Tyrosse or Plaisir. It’s a perfect balance, it allows me to play with my friends, see my family again in the Paris region and have a good time.

A separate personality

Franck Georgiades never goes 10 meters without being stopped by a Tyrosse fan. Here, the fervor for the oval ball is amazing. He especially regrets not being able to tap in the Paris region. “They will tell themselves, but what does he do? In Tyrosse, the fervor is incomparable. Pleasure is not really a rugby land, while at Tyrosse, we recognize the fans on the streets, everyone comes to the stadium on Sundays. The atmosphere is huge, especially when you face big teams “, explains Franck, before continuing:

I saw myself raising my little one here. I love the sea, rugby, village festivals … It’s the best region in France. I like to fight in rucks, sometimes even on the verge of failure. I’m a ball player, I like that! Out? I am a very outgoing person, I like meeting people, partying, rugby is meeting and playing together. I like to dance, make a joke! The third part, I don’t miss it at all! It’s as important as training. No excess, but beer despite defeat or victory is important to move forward together.

Frank GeorgiadesPillar of Tyrosse and Pleasure

Atypical, nocturnal and cheerful host, Franck Georgiades is still welcomed by his friends. “He’s very funny. He speaks very loudly. He’s cheerful and knows how to catch the clown’s attention. Otherwise, besides that, he’s a very sincere and endearing person. In the field, he has to cheat a little bit in melee. to exist.But well, since he has a good size, the referees take him seriously! By the anecdote, at a wedding, he had gradually taken over the animation.And suddenly, the DJ of the day I looked at him sitting in a chair! “, he laughed Adel Fellahone of his lifelong friends and director of the training center Clermont.

“I’m fine physically”

“I also remember a game against Massy. Our right was tired, we gained 2 or 3 points and pushed ourselves 5 meters from our line. Our right-hander leaves and Franck returns. The scrum falls once it comes back, and there, penal for us! We hit the key, we win and thank you goodbye. And now, he only says to our coach François Gelez: “And remember the scrum against Massy! In fact, because of his personality, he does very well for group life. He’s not necessarily the best player, but he pulls everyone out, ”says Kevin Kahn, his lifelong friend.

For him, rugby is a pleasure, not a job. Parties and friends: this is their philosophy of life. “I’m fine physically, so I’ll do another season with Plaisir!” Franck Georgiades announces. The left pillar will continue to follow the UST and especially the performance of his little Arthur, who will take his first rugby license at the Fougère club. A story that smells good of amateur rugby!

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