Alpine presents an electric A110 at the French Grand Prix

On the occasion of the French Grand Prix, Alpine unveils a fun concept. This “A110 E-ternité” is a 100% electric and convertible variant of the berlinetta.

From 2020, the new head of the Renault group, Luca de Meo, stated his desire to transform Alpine into an electric one. In the coming years a full range of battery-powered models will be launched, including an SUV manufactured in Dieppe. Per prepare minds for this important transition, and at the same time celebrate the 60th anniversary of the berlinetta, the brand with the arrow A reveals an original concept.

Revealed as part of the French Grand Prix 2022, which will take place this weekend from 23 to 24 July at the Castellet circuit, this study was made in the utmost secrecy by a team of brand engineers. In less than a year, they created the Alpine “A110 E-ternity”. It bears the name of the sentence issued by Luca de Meo after his arrival at the helm of Renault: “I want to electrify Alpine to inscribe it in eternity”. This phrase is also repeated on a small plate placed inside, under the center console.

In terms of style, the A110 E-ternité stands out with an immaculate white color and black wheels. A body kit is added, not necessarily the most elegant with its prominent sills and bumpers and its headlight caps worthy of the Norauto or Feu Vert accessories department … The rear window has hexagon-shaped stickers. On board, the dashboard is classic but gets an amazing solution for the center screen – the standard system is replaced by a support for the owner’s personal tablet. The audio system has also been revised for the occasion with 8 speakers including a subwoofer.

A rolling laboratory …

Fully electric, the A110 E-ternité is a rolling laboratory and should remain in the concept phase for now. The study incorporates an electrical assembly of 178 kW, the equivalent of 242 hp. Therefore, it is less than the Alpine A110 and A110 GT and S sold in series, which offer 292 hp and 300 hp respectively. The torque is 300 Nm, compared to 320 or 340 Nm of thermal A110.

Thanks to the synergies of the Renault group, Mégane E-Tech electric modules are used. The 60 kWh battery pack would allow up to 420 km of autonomy. The cells have been separated into several pieces to better integrate them into the vehicle envelope and thus better respect the distribution of the masses (42/58 against 43/57 for the thermal). Thus, four modules are placed at the front and eight at the rear, with a positioning in the rather free space.

A specifically designed gearbox

To transmit this electric power, Internal engineers designed a specific DCT dual-clutch gearbox. It uses standard A110 electronic control technology, but with only two revised gears and clutches to allow the passage of high torques. The box is also designed to be lightweight, which was one of the slogans of the specifications: electrify the A110 by equalizing the performance, balance and agility of the thermal version.

The weight goes from 1,120 kg to 1,378 kg in this variant (+ 258 kg). Therefore, the benefits are relatively close to those of the most powerful thermal berlinetta, with a speed of 0 to 100 km / h set at 4.5 seconds, a maximum speed limited to 250 km / h and a start and stop of 1000 meters in 23.7 s (compared to 22.8 and 22.4 s for the A110 and A110 S).

Innovations to be found in series?

In addition to this unprecedented electric motor, Alpine has developed other innovations and technical solutions based on this concept. For example, the coupe was transformed into a convertible after numerous customer requests. Produced entirely at home, this solution aims to be simple and light, without affecting the rigidity of the traditional A110. It is, therefore, two roof coverings injected with recycled carbon. Alpine has also used many items made from recycled materials such as linen. At the moment, we still do not know if the brand will dare to offer these items as standard to their models. But Alpine doesn’t rule it out!

Photos: Alpine.

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