all about the Rosheim stage

How long will the roads be closed?

At best, only thirty minutes. At worst, two hours, says the CEA, which will be in charge of cutting the roads with the gendarmes.

The municipalities have taken very broad municipal decrees, to cover themselves. But, for example, the roads will not be closed for five hours (11 am-4 pm) in Barr as the order allows.

The CEA, for its part, has certainly placed signs practically everywhere indicating two or three hour closing slots, but it is also there to give itself latitude, in case of removing a car, an obstacle for the protection that must be reviewed, of the roadway to be cleaned after a storm.

In addition, some crossing points will allow you to pass from one side of the route to the other almost until the last hour, says the CEA. This will be the case, for example, at the Mittelbergheim/Eichhoffen roundabout and the roundabout between Bernardswiller and Saint-Nabor.

The inhabitants of Rosheim, the city of arrival, will undoubtedly be the most limited in their movements. The affected streets should be closed by around 13:00 or 13:30. It should be possible to leave the city via Bischoffsheim until 3 pm.

In the Bruche valley, the D1420 will not be affected, the route crosses it on the D204 bridge between Russ and Barembach. The Tour will mainly take the RD 392 from Wisches-Hersbach to Dinsheim-sur-Bruche.

Also watch out for parking bans along the entire route, which are numerous and with very long time slots.

How do I get to the finish line in Rosheim?

The car parks of the Norma and Auchan Rosheim supermarkets will be made available to spectators and will be accessible until 3pm. You can then reach, in 10 minutes on foot, the public area located at the finish line, near the school. At the level of the football club there will be refreshments at the expense of associations.

More than a kilometer of barriers will be installed before and after the finish and will prevent free passage from one side to the other. So, on the finish line, three pedestrian crossings have been enabled, managed by people who will close them before the caravan and then the passage of the runners.

What entertainment is planned on arrival in Rosheim?

In addition to the passing of the caravan at 2.50 pm, the youth entertainment service is scheduled to pass with a quiz for spectators waiting for the arrival to keep them waiting. We can also observe on arrival (but not participate), at 2.45pm, a balance bike race for small children from extra-curricular activities.

A road safety stand is also announced near the finish line. “The speakers will answer all the questions. The aim is to remind people of good behavior to better share the road. A quiz will allow you to test your knowledge and win, by raffle, prizes related to road safety”, says a press release, which remembers the 227 cyclists who died on the road in 2021, a number that is increasing.

How to see the women’s Tour de France move to another place?

All you have to do is position yourself along the route. It crosses a dozen towns and offers quite a few nice places, between beautiful views and more or less steep coasts. You still need to be able to get there. If you live locally, don’t worry. Otherwise, watch out for road closures.

How to take advantage of the passage of the Tour caravan?

Unlike the men’s Tour, it runs on the open road, so it won’t be throwing goodies into the crowd. Too dangerous

To overcome this frustration, it will stop for a distribution in Barr, at 1:02 p.m., for 10 minutes, in the parking lot of the former Dia supermarket, Paul Degermann Street. We have not heard of any other such operation beyond the course.

On arrival in Rosheim, however, the caravan planned to distribute treats at 14.50, only in the last 400 meters before the finish line.

Please note that the CEA has also planned to hand out treats in Rosheim, in the last kilometer, from 1.40pm.

What is the excitement about this women’s Tour de France?

Outside Rosheim, the finish town, few initiatives have been reported by our local correspondents to mark the passage of the Tour de France: mainly decorated bicycles appearing in the villages (Urmatt, Heiligenberg, Bischoffsheim among others).

The only noteworthy event: that of the farmers of the FDSEA and the JA of Grendelbruch, who offer an activity on the theme “Agriculture is also associated with women. Let’s all enter the race”, with a giant fresco on the theme and local product tasting stands and refreshments from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the school yard.

As for knowing if there will be people on the side of the roads and at the finish, difficult to answer. In this Wednesday’s stage in the Aube, we saw small groups of people in the crossed villages and more people (without the crowd), at the key steps (steps, sprint, finish).

Watch out for the Tour d’Alsace this Thursday

Traffic will be affected from this Thursday in part of the territory, due to the passage of a stage of the Tour d’Alsace that joins Europa-Park with Scherwiller.

It will pass along the Wine Route from Dambach-la-Ville between 14.30 and 15.00, to Andlau, where runners will climb the Hohwald, then the Kreuzweg and the Col de la Charbonnière. There, they will go around the Bruche Valley (Ranrupt, Colroy-La-Roche, Saint-Blaise-la-Roche, Fouday, Waldersbach) before going up to the Charbonnière and this time up the Champ du Feu earlier. arrive at Mont Sainte-Odile (around 4:30 p.m.). The descent will be through Saint-Nabor and Bernardswiller, before taking the direction of Goxwiller, Gertwiller, Eichhoffen, Saint-Pierre and Epfig, with an expected arrival of around 17:30 in Scherwiller.

The gendarmerie indicates that the roads will be closed only fifteen minutes before the passage of the runners. Cross municipalities could adopt municipal decrees prohibiting parking in places.

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