Algeria will not see the 2023 World Cup, but it dreams big

Algeria, defeated on Wednesday in the semi-finals of the African standings, will not take part in the 2023 World Cup, but this surprising and promising young rugby nation has already made an appointment for the 2027 World Cup.

At the Pierre-Delort Stadium in Marseille, the “selection of the two lions” lost by three small points (36-33) to the Kenyans, who on Sunday will face Namibia in the final to get one of the last tickets to in the Cup. of the world 2023 in France.

We are all disappointed because we have worked so hard (…) But we are proud of this struggle. We entered the African Top 4 and it is exceptional“, analyzed after the meeting the Algerian coach, Ousmane Mané, appointed in August 2021.

It is fantastic to see how a new African country reaches this level and progressesCongratulations to Kenyan coach Paul Odera.

In front of Kenyan athletes, physically stronger, Nadir Megdoud’s teammates were excellent in terms of conquest: in touch, in melee and with the ball carried, his strong point.

Unfortunately, too many failed tackles cost them dearly.

A meteoric rise to the world rankings

As Mandela said, you never get lost, you learn. Today (Wednesday, editor’s note), we learnedsaid Ousmane Mané. With more experience, a little more vice too, maybe we would have passed“.

If they didn’t qualify this time, the Algerians got eight places (82nd) ​​in the world ranking published on Monday by World Rugby, to which they only joined … last year. “Therefore, Algeria will not go to the final (…) but Algerian rugby is in the process of establishing itself among the best African nations.“, noted the site Dzfoot, one of the rare media in Algiers that has evoked the course of the” XV to the two lions. “

If in the country his performance had little echo, the public present in Marseille has been so enthusiastic about this team made up of players born and evolving in France (Pro D2, National, Federal 1, even Honor). All linked to Algeria by their parents or grandparents, paid tribute to their Federation, created in 2015 and which only has a thousand licenses in a country crazy about football. “When the referee whistles, we see all the sacrifices we have made for months. Some have quit their jobs, there are all the physical sessions alone, three weeks to live together“Ended Djamel Ouchène.

And it was seen on the marked faces, on the tears shed after the defeat to Kenya.

The call of the foot was thrown to the national doubles

There are professionals and others who do not. They take unpaid leave to come, leave women and children and it’s hardrecalled prostitute Mehdi Boundjema.

But so many efforts to squander therefore the possibility of a classification in the pool of France will not have been in vain. Algerians make it a goal: they have the ability to present themselves among the best nations in the world. “We have ambition, if it can’t be 2023, it will be 2027“, Says Ousmane Mané, who has been surrounded by an expanded staff (coaches responsible for strikers / backers, physical and mental trainers, commissioners, physiotherapists / osteopaths).

But for that “we need graduates, professionals (…) In Algeria, there are beautiful constructions, beautiful babies, temperaments, pride“, said Mehdi Boundjema. Pillar Yassin Boutemmani thus called on binational players:”Help us! Those of you who play in the Top 14, in the Pro D2, do not hesitate, come! Mohamed Haouas, (pillar of the blues with 15 selections, ed.), There are not 200. (…) It is a noble cause, you will advance the values ​​of rugby in a country like Algeria, which is young“.

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