Algeria and its three former CABs have an appointment with their history in the qualifying tournament for the 2023 World Cup

Algeria – Senegal. On paper, the poster for this quarterfinal of the qualifying tournament for the 2023 World Cup scheduled for this Saturday looks like a final. Now, alas for the loser who will say goodbye to his dream of participating in the World Cup to be held in France.

Brewer and former vice president of the Algerian federation, Azzouz Aib is struggling to qualify his country for the 2023 World Cup.

Not to leave anything to chance, the Algerian team has decided to spend three weeks together. Two first greats alongside the Genevilliers, in the Paris region, with cohesion and rugby on the program, then a last one alongside the Salon-de-Provence to prepare, as best they could, for the first match against Senegal.

“It was very important for us to spend time together. To learn how to discover yourself outside of rugby. None of us has ever experienced such an event in our career, so we had to sit down and discuss, ”said coach Ousmane Mané, who took over Algeria in September 2021 when he decided to join the ranks. .

“The intention was to incorporate even more professional players. To be really prepared for the high level “, adds the technician who can count, between his managers, with three old CAB: the brothers Julien and Benjamin Caminati and, of course, Nadir Megdoud, that exploded last season next of Rouen. D2.

A fourth Brive member may also have been present, but was injured a few weeks ago. A certain Saïd Hirèche whom Ousmane Mané would have trusted in his dressing room.

“It is clear that we will not close any doors to Saïd Hirèche”

“Saïd came to see us in a warm-up match against Côte d’Ivoire in Toulouse in March. And it is true that without his injury, his presence would have been a real advantage for us. He is a Top 14 player with a lot of experience. Then, obviously, we don’t close any doors, if only to smile at us “, says Ousmane Mané, who is therefore three days away from allowing Algeria to play its first World Cup.

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Whenever you overcome a first hurdle called Senegal. A team that the coach knows perfectly because for 10 years he wore the colors of the … Lions of Teranga. “It’s special, of course, but I have the advantage of knowing the players well. I hope this helps us. »

Benjamin Apple

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