Alberto Giribuola of MotoGP: “If Ducati chooses Enea Bastianini, we will give it our all and if it is a problem for Pecco Bagnaia, it will be up to him to manage”

Alberto Giribuola has listened to Ducati’s speech assuring that those who do not have the Pecco Bagnaia teammate position in 2023 will not be a loser, as they will have the same bike and the same support in Pramac as if they had had the red one. Desmosedici. Therefore, it would only be about tastes and colors but, contrary to popular belief, it is disputed between the two aspirants to the official position, Jorge Martin and Enea Bastianini. If the first city suggests that if he is not promoted inside the scarlet box he will be attentive to another proposal, also sending his manager in contact, the second plays it more cunning to be able to count on a mechanical head that the gang to Gigi. Dall’Igna knows this very well: Alberto Giribuola. Will it be an advantage or a disadvantage? The future will tell us at the end of August …

The chief mechanic Alberto Giribuola in fact it is not uncommon Ducati as his assistant in charge of the electronic part Dario Massarin. The duo has been within the walls of the Borgo Panigale factory for 15 years and it is not in vain in the beautiful course ofAndrea Dovizioso during the eight years spent in the Desmosedici. A complicity that bore fruit remarkably from the year 2017. Since then, the couple has taken care of themselvesEnea Bastianini to Gresini and the latter does not complain in view of the results.

Certainly the protégé of Carlo Pernat has struggled to score just 11 points in the last four races. But we will not take away the three victories already acquired, a trajectory that has raised doubt in the squad Ducati which pinched only earlier this year for jorge martin. And unlike the latter who defends his cause with his coach, the “Beast” sees his technical team marked with a hot iron. Ducati defend it. And also because if she ascends, she will find her place that was hers at the timeAndrea Dovizioso.

At, the man who worked for five seasons alongside a Dovi who announced he would stop loading later this year commented: ” We have been working for Ducati for 14 years. We know perfectly well the people we are dealing with. Suddenly we can manage stress, things to try. This difference, we could not make, if we went to another manufacturer. We know what to expect from them and we easily act as an intermediary when it comes to communicating. Our past is what makes us strong. »

Giribuola therefore it remembers its strong position within the environment Ducati which also leads him to take good care of his pilot: ” with Dario Massarin our respective experiences within the official team will help you a lot. When you play on an official team, you have to juggle new pieces. Sometimes it is difficult to decide when to perform this or that test, without losing the right direction. But it’s my job and not his. It’s up to me to figure out how to move forward, while avoiding making too much of a mess “.

Alberto Giribuola: our goal is not to upset anyone, just to win the Championship

Listening to it, we can’t help but think about the start of the season Weather in Pecco Bagnaia who had complained especially from Qatar that he had tried too many parts on his GP22 … A pressure then felt by the current official pilot who will be avoided in Weather in Bastianini if the opportunity arises to join the factory: ” the pressure, the deputy to the pilot and the Enea not feeling any. If he ascends within the official team, I think he will have no problem managing it. The most important thing is to know that the people around you are working to achieve a common goal. We all smile, the atmosphere is relaxed, which allows you to enjoy the races, not as a job, but as a time with friends. And that’s the difference for me “.

That said, the chief engineer is not a slave either … They already know me, they know I’m complicated, they’re ready for that. I know how to explain my reasons and find a good commitment to make things evolve. It’s all a matter of balance. Anyway, there has always been a lot of respect between Luigi, Davide and Paolo, which would work in our favor “.

Giribuola thus he defends very well his cause and that of his pilot Enea Bastianini, but we feel in his statements that if he takes his place in a corner of the red box, it will not be to make up the numbers. He has already experienced this situation when Jorge Lorenzo he had to erase his then pilot Andrea Dovizioso. And we know how it happened. done Weather in Pecco Bagnaia, who asks for peace in his box, should he already be worried? The chief engineer answers frankly: our goal is not to upset anyone, just to win the Championship. It all depends on how others see Aeneas. When Jorge entered our pole, Andrea was there: “My God, my teammate is a five-time world champion.” But we kept focused on our work and I said to Andrea, ‘Relax! We have what it takes to be as fast as him‘”.

Eventually, it turned out we were faster than him. The pressure is purely mental. Personally, If they choose us, we will give it our all and if it’s a problem for Pecco, it’s up to him to manage. I think he has a good team around him. He’s already gotten really good results, so I don’t think he’s under pressure he finishes. At least if it is Enea Bastianini whoever dresses in red, everyone already knows what to expect.

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