Al-Khelaïfi “has never argued” with Zidane and “expects” an agreement for Galtier

The president of the Parisian club has spoken to Le Parisien to talk about the lines of the new team.

Zinédine Zidane will not be coaching Paris SG next season. It was in the air, now it’s a certainty. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has definitively closed the chapter on rumors surrounding the arrival of the former number 10 in an interview with Parisian on Tuesday. “I love Zidane, he was a fantastic player, of an amazing class. An exceptional coach also with three Champions. But let me tell you – we never talked to him directly or indirectly. Many clubs are interested in him, national teams too, but we have never talked to him“The Parisian president was confident that Christophe Galtier would be expected to join the club, replacing Mauricio Pochettino.”We have a list of coaches, we are talking to Nice, it’s no secret. I hope we find an agreement soon but with respect to Nice and President Rivère, everyone is defending their interests“, added the leader who drew the lines of a new look PSG.

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We no longer want flashy, bling-bling, it’s the end of brilliance.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi

After another failure on the European chessboard and an elimination in the round of 16 against Real Madrid, the future winners of the Champions League, Al-Khelaïfi also announced the opening of a new stage in the club, he pointed out many times, in France and in Europe, for his attraction to everything that shines. A policy of stars that, at the moment, has not borne fruit at all. “Dream is one thing, reality another. Maybe we should change our slogan too … Dream Bigger (big dream) is good, but today we have to be mostly realistic, we no longer want flashy, bling-bling, it’s the end of the sequins. We’ve done great things for eleven years, but every year we have to ask ourselves how to move forward, how to be better.“, Which announced a tightening of screws at all levels. “What I can tell you is that we expect all players to do much more than last season. Far more ! They must all be 100%. Clearly we weren’t good enough to go far“NAK” confirmed in passing that Qatar was “there for a long time»After inviting unwanted and comfortably paid players to jump on the boat if they didn’t want to sign up for the new project:«Now, PSG’s position is clear: players who are not part of the project will have to leave. Some took advantage of the situation, now it’s over!»

This change in strategy was detailed by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, who emphasized the importance of training in the coming years, starting with his future training center in Poissy. “Eleven years ago I said I wanted to coach the future Messi, today I say we want to coach the future Mbappé, who would also come from Paris! It’s not easy, but we have everything we need to get there“, added Luis Campos, the new sports director who”inculcate the work cultureit was also contracted with this in mind. “ Luis Campos will focus on the first team. But we want to discover new talent, new markets. We need to explore new directions“, the club’s head was bitten, which also returned at length to the Kylian Mbappé extension episode.

AL-Khelaïfi praises the Mbappé clan

But before talking about his favorite striker, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi wanted to reaffirm his gratitude to those around him. “He has an amazing family. I will never forget that during our first six meetings with his parents and he, he was in Monaco at the time, they NEVER talked to me about money. May! That’s why I love them so much, I admire the education they received“, he continued, revealing in passing that Real Madrid was ready to put”Far more“of money that Paris SG to recruit him:”They were willing to invest 170 million euros last summer. That money, they were willing to reinvest it this year when it was free!»

Finally, on the concessions granted to the attacker to extend three without additional ones, Al-Khelaïfi was very firm when it came to delimiting the territories of each one: “You have to stop saying nonsense. I will be very clear: the president is me and I am the one who decides. And most of all, Kylian never asked anything about a player, or a coach.»

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