After professional retraining, Pierre-Ange Orsini joined “La Compagnie des débouteurs”

I was raised in Pietra-di-Verde by my parents and maternal grandmother. I was going to school you people I am someone from Pietra very much inside me, someone from the land of chestnut trees! », to analyzehim today When his father’s work takes the family to move to the continent when he was only eight years oldlife changes certainly Pierre-Ange returns every summer for the holidays. But he has only one wish: to return to Corsica to work there. My parents were against it. They told me: study! » One thing leads to another, Pierre-Ange it begins in finance and asset management: I created financial products for life insurance, in the private sector. I managed contracts for several dozens millions of euros, daily, for large families “. His income allows him to stay more often in the village. But he is still not satisfied: When I left Corsica, I had only one dream: that there would be a strike in Poretta so that I would not leave again! I had a stomach ache a week before… » During the confinements linked to the COVID, he spent several months in Pietra, teleworking. It’s happiness! ” One day, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Because a heart is absent, it doesn’t go away! i found myself exactly single. There are times for everything : I said to myself “The time is right!” “. The decision is made to return.

A matter of philosophy…and clogged pipes!

But what professional activity to pursue? ” I had a lot of friends in the franchise. I asked With a franchise, II could continue in my previous sector. But the investment banks, the big fortunes, had turned me around: it’s superficial. I’m a very hands-on person – I wanted to make something with my hands. I was interested in plumbing: but I’m not a plumber».

He finds in short a franchise in full growth, in a related field.uan old profession later replaced by plumbers » : pipe unclogging. This is the philosophy of this company, The Unblockers Company, which I liked! It had been created by two young entrepreneurs following a blockage problem: a plumber had intervened, billed for his service but had not found the solution. I had tried to unclog with hydrochloric acid! Disaster ! “. Lhas unlocker company she chooses by a natural technique, without chemicals, with some cameras that allow the pipes to be inspected and, unblocked, nozzles adapted to high pressure hosesat 300 bar

I went to see them with a business development plan, a financial plan and a communication plan. They saw my motivation! And that it was well organized in the head. They liked it! “. Especially from the franchise Searchexactly at settle in Corsica. And that’s exactly it at a Corsica that the company intends to entrust this mission. An agreement is reached. Pierre-Ange who receive all the support of his seventeen-year-old daughter, embark on an adventure beginning of July 2022, after fifteen days of training.

Teamwork !

me I am in a microniche, he explains. I don’t compete with plumbers: I do the work they don’t do anymore “. Pierre-Ange has prospected about fifty plumbers and already works with some. ” When they need me, they call me. And I recommend them to my clients if plumbing work is needed. It’s teamwork. This is the most important thing: without a team, we are nothing! This former senior rugby player knows what he’s talking about!

The team is also what brings the context of the franchise: ” There are people who deal with communication, marketing And we made a band what isHASd.p among franchise business leaders. I am alone in the field, but behind me is a 100-strong strike force. It’s a big family! In addition to the birthdays that are wished to each other, there is also the possibility, through this tool, of real technical assistance, in case of problems.

The meaning of service customer

We have a photo of itshellede. The 4X4 with which he travels the roads of Upper Corsica is pink and blue: it is quite original. I created a Facebook page where I took the nickname of Captain Prisuttu. When there is a funny intervention, or something specific, I put it on the page… » Humor is not an obstacle to professionalism : I had a very positive first month. I didn’t think I’d be in that number… And neither was my accountant! I have two or three surgeries a day. Obviously, I work: also on Saturday and Sunday, when they call me! But it is a great satisfaction when I see people who contact me because they have problems,so relieved after the procedure! Sometimes I go out with tomatoes, onions, bottles of wine… as we know how to do at home! »

Pierre-Ange hopes to expand his activity in Corse-du-Sud next year. ” I want to create jobs. My goal is to hire up to four Corsicans to shine all over the island. I already have one in sight… And you don’t need to ask them for a diploma: you just need to have the B license and be motivated. If we are not afraid to work, we want serving people, having fun, seeing the country… and being well paid… It’s a job where you’re totally independent ! “.

So this return to the country? ” There should be no regrets in life. I left my dress tailored. Now I’m in shorts and a t-shirt…and I’m the happiest of men! »

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