a rich season to digest before recovering

First of all, it is worth highlighting the exceptional season that Mont-de-Marsan has just completed, especially during the …

First of all, it is worth noting the exceptional season that Mont-de-Marsan has just completed, especially during the regular season. A first place acquired with 106 points, the best defense in the championship and a Boniface stadium that no Pro D2 team has been able to take. “I did seasons, but it was the one I had the most fun with, with this squad, this group of players,” smiles coach Stéphane Prosper. It’s a shame to end these two defeats, but it leaves an opening for next year. »

An expected team

A 2022-2023 season during which the Stade Montois will have to be all the more prepared as many teams now fear, which will no doubt mark the date of reception or the move to the Stadistes with a white cross. “We will be waiting,” confirms director Patrick Milhet. But so much the better, that means we did the job. »

A job that will have to be offered again from the beginning of the season, as the yellow and black will not be able to take advantage of the “surprise” effect that weighed on the scales to win their first five games of the season. ‘last year. . “I think we impressed everyone, no one would have believed us at this level,” said Maxime Gouzou, third row.

Mons’s staff will also have to keep a close eye on the motivation of their players. Playing the final stages is a special, timeless experience, and returning to the daily routine of the Pro D2, while the good weather is still here, can be tricky. Semifinalist in 2021, where he was defeated by a point by Biarritz, RC Vannes knows something about it. This season, the Bretons lost their first six games and flirted with the relegation zone for a long time, before coming out of the water after the winter break.

Lots of movement

To inspire this desire from the beginning, Patrick Milhet and his staff should be able to count on the arrival of new blood. In total, a dozen players have to pack their bags in the Landes during the summer. Five are already known. The French pillar Max Curie, who arrives from Nevers, and the Moldovan Gheorghe Gajion, from Oyonnax, will come to make up the number to compensate for the withdrawal of Carlos Muzzio and Victor Laval in Montauban.

The South African second row from Narbonne Aston Fortuin should make up for the combined departures of Andrei Ostrikov and James Voss (exiting Massy’s ascent). Joris Pialot, also from Narbonnais, is also expected to open in Boniface. Finally, Martin Doan, Montpellier’s half scrum, will have the difficult task of eclipsing the prodigy Léo Coly, who is doing the opposite.

The rest of the arrivals will have to be formalized in the next few days. Given the departures of Santiago Montagner and Maxime Gouzou, who joins the LOU, the announcement of a third line would not be illogical. A newcomer to the band would be expected in the event of the departure of Wame Naituvi, in dispute with his club. “There will be recruits who must add value, energy,” said the Landes manager. The Stade Montois will still be there next season. »

This youth is happening

Important projects to come, then. But the Stade Montois can also approach the future calmly, strong in the certainties acquired during the year just ended. Most headlines will stay there and they will only have one wish: to return to the finals to do better than this year. Managing major matches is also one of the big areas for improvement for the Stadistes.

The semi-final against Nevers could have ended without a miraculous stop by Coly and then a try from nothing by Mensa. In the final, the Montois simply lost their game. Redeemer to expect better. The dam was too unbalanced.

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