A look back at his career and the latest news about his health and family!

It was 11:07 a.m. on December 29, 2013, the day of the tragedy. In the French resort of Méribel, Michael Schumacher, who was skiing with his son Mick and a group of friends, lost control in a turn. Serious consequence: He hit his head on a snow-covered rock. This terrible skiing accident forced the greatest champion in the history of Formula 1 to fall into a deep coma as a result of this accident. A coma that will last nearly six months at the Grenoble University Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition. Michael Schumacher was hospitalized many times. In 2022, news about his health status is still very rare. game state

Who is Michael Schumacher? Biography of an F1 legend

Michael Schumacher is the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1. He has an impressive record: 7 world titles, 91 victories and 155 podiums! First, he quickly became a Formula 1 driver in 1991. Then, he established himself on the circuits and took his first victory at the Belgian Grand Prix in 1992. From then on, victories followed each other until the consecration with his first world champion title in 1994! The following year, he won his second world championship title.

Michael Schumacher F1 world champion

After a few more difficult years, it was in 2000 that Schumacher returned strongly to the highest level and won a new world champion title. From then on, he leaves nothing but crumbs to his opponents. In fact, he dominated Formula 1 by winning the world title in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004! Embark on the magnificent Netflix documentary released in 2021 to (re)discover the career of this champion.

How is your health today?

How is Michael Schumacher doing in 2022

If the ugly rumor of imminent death published in 2016 turned out to be false, his state of health remains very uncertain. Michael Schumacher would be conscious and could make some movements with his eyes. However, he would suffer severe brain damage and would never have regained the use of speech since his accident. Similarly, some of his friends suggest that he would have lost his memory and suffered significant neurological disorders.

News about Schumacher's health status in 2022

In terms of motor skills, Michael Schumacher would be unable to walk. This would result in loss of muscle mass. In fact, having not been able to eat a balanced diet during his long months in a coma, he would have lost a lot of weight since his accident. So far, no indication of a return to the form has been reported. Unfortunately, today no one can give a clear indication of how long it will remain in this vegetative state.

Who takes care of him? The key role of his wife Corinna

Corinna and Michael Schumacher 2022

According to Jean Todt, head of the Ferrari team turned head of the FIA, it is thanks to his wife, Corinna, that the F1 champion is still alive. According to him, he managed to prevent him from dying while taking on an important responsibility. To Todt, she is a wonderful woman who devotes her life to looking after Michael’s health. This one, married to Michael Schumacher for 26 years, is very discreet. At her husband’s bedside since his horrific accident in 2013, she supports the champion in his recovery while preserving his privacy.

Corinna takes care of the health of Michael Schumacher 2022

However, Corinna Schumacher continues to be the target of rumors and criticism from fans, the media, but also some relatives of her companion. More than once, the former European equestrian champion has been criticized for her silence. In addition, he had to commit colossal sums to ensure an optimal recovery for the champion. It is rumored that in the two years following the tragic accident, Corinna and her family would have spent close to 14 million euros in medical expenses.

Michael Schumacher private jet sale 2022

For this, Corinna sold the couple’s private jet for €35 million and their holiday home in Norway for €2.9 million. However, the Schumacher family doesn’t seem needy. The champion’s fortune is estimated at around 700 million euros.

Who is Michael Schumacher’s successor in F1? Mick, his son!

Mick, Michael Schumacher's successor in 2022

Mick Schumacher took over and began his career in motorsport’s leading category in 2021. Despite some difficulties behind the wheel, experts welcome his progress and have high hopes for the discipline. To his credit, Michael’s past and track record put a lot of pressure on Mick’s shoulders. The former head of Ferrari, Jean Todt, even dreams of seeing her, like her father, behind the wheel of the Italian team.

son of Michael Schumacher's F1 legacy

The motoring world was shocked on May 26 when Mick Schumacher suffered a horrific crash on the 26th lap of the Monaco Grand Prix. In fact, the German driver lost control of his car. It crashed into the barriers, cut in two. Everyone feared the worst for their health. Fortunately, Mick escaped unscathed. Finally, ” Schumacher Jr continues to proclaim that his father remains his role model and idol in Formula 1. But also in life.

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