A book of treasures about Agostini

Just to tell you right away, the book is in Italian but the photos are not in their native language... Having said that, the subtitles will be easy to decipher for the rest, wait, you will get the meaning of the sentences. But it’s dwarf everywhere …
An arm of honor raised in Imola
It doesn’t look like much, a boy doing a lap of honor with his arm raised … But in 2014, in the 200 miles of Imola, which Ago won of course, he greeted the crowd on his lap of honor to raise the left arm … Except that at that time it was totally forbidden to release the handlebars voluntarily, too dangerous. He got a crazy fine, but he didn’t care, for an Italian, winning a classic at home or a GP is ten times more touching than anywhere else!
– The Virgin Mary in the helmet
The Virgin Mary is the Virgin Mary and the Child whose statuettes can be found in niches in small streets of Italy. Ago told me several times, he’s believing me a lot, no, but I didn’t win 15 titles with cardboard helmets and glasses, with tires we wouldn’t want with a 125 today! In short, I understand, riders are often religious, today in MotoGP, the number of cross signals coming out of the pits even for test sessions contrasts singularly with the steady decline of Catholic practitioners! And so the Needle had a medal under the foam helmet that represented the Virgin of Lourdes, who also has no children in her arms but wears a very beautiful blue scarf … In any case, she is alive , which is a miracle, he obviously thinks it’s thanks to Our Lady and I would never dare to contradict him at this point.
The Golden Years, 68/69/70
We know, of course, that Ago rode and won in two categories, the 500 and the 350, but he is not the last to do so. On the other hand, Fa is the only one who has won all the races in these two categories and, therefore, has won both titles in the same year, and which lasted three consecutive years. One day he told me about a Spa GP in torrential rain, he won in a category, he didn’t have time to change because he jumped on the other bike, the other engine. And during this second race, still in the rain, it is completely frozen. Your comment. “We complain when it’s hot to run, but I was there at the North Pole and in the end I prefer the heat waves …”
Your Triumph Trident T 150
Even before stopping the competition but also after, Ago really enjoyed riding on the circuit of Valle Camonica, in the north, near the border with Switzerland and especially 40 km from his home in Bergamo. He wanted to go with a big cylinder but then, in series, the Italian manufacturers did not have it in stock or he did not like it. Triumph, then, built him a three-cylinder, 750 cc T150, a special model of course that Triumph had circled before handing it over to John Cooper, the star pilot of the box who also raced on the road …
Race books
And yes, Agostini wrote down in a notebook the history of all his races, from the first to the last, because he did not want these events to be forgotten, starting with his own. That being said, having gone to interview him in Italy with TF1, we had taken all the rush available to him so he could comment on them, I had made a list in case I was wondering where he had taken it, he remembers. even where the cameras were placed. Sacred memory, absolutely essential when driving hundreds of races and you have to memorize the circuits with the braking marks as fast as possible. These notebooks are in his huge trophy room, among the cups, helmets and bards, so have great writers but they have published them, he is not, it is only for him and his precious collection.

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