53rd edition of the Tour d’Eure-et-Loir: what we liked … and we liked less!

Two different leaders in three days, a yellow jersey that often changed shoulders during the three stages, a winner for a second … Suspense reigned in the 53rd edition of a successful Tour d’Eure-et-Loir despite some drawbacks.

We liked it

The exciting end of the event. As in the previous two editions of this event registered in the international calendar (UCI) since 2019, in the last kilometers the Tour of Eure-et-Loir was held. At the finish line, even! Because, reversing the order of the first two of the 3rd stage in Chartres, Valentin Tabellion (Roubaix) would emerge victorious, for a second, ahead of his teammate Samuel Leroux.

Valentin Tabellion (center) and Samuel Leroux (right), future winner of the event.

The performance of the French and amateurs. Despite the presence of eight professional teams belonging to the 3rd world division (Conti Pro), it is very often the French fans who have distinguished themselves in this TEL. If Roubaix, the only French Conti Pro in the peloton, maintained his rank, with two stage victories and two runners in the top two overall, the National 1 teams have nothing to envy to the foreigners. Vendée U, with Émilien Jeannière, encouraged the 1st stage, the Bretons of Fybolia (Mickaël Guichard) and Côtes d’Armor (Mathis Le Berre) tried several times to overthrow the lead, not to mention the Cross Team Legendre (Steve Chainel, Mickaël Crispin). ) often seen at the head. Try again for the classification: all the distinctive shirts were won by the French and, by teams, the Vendée U beat the Belgian Conti Pro Alpecin, tied with the Côtes d’Armor.

premium 53rd edition of the Tour d’Eure-et-Loir: for the winner, Samuel Leroux (Roubaix), “it’s the perfect weekend”

The performance of C’Chartres Cyclisme. The thumb of the test (ranked N2) behaved like a great man: C’Chartres finished 9th by teams, 16 seconds behind Vendée U, achieved three Top 20 in the stages (Baptiste Constantin 8th in 1st and 20th of 3rd, Ludovic Bideau 18th from 2nd) and ranked a man in the Top 10 of the general (Constantin 8th in 15 ”and 4th best tricolor). With three finalists per minute (Bideau 25th at 21 ”and Arnaud Fouquet 54th at 53”), the Eurelian club has fulfilled its contract far beyond the expectations of its president Patrick Destouches.

The C’Chartres Cyclisme team at the start in La Loupe: Thomas Surget, Ludovic Bideau, Arnaud Fouquet, Christopher Piry, Baptiste Constantin and Maxime Maison.

Back in pictures in the 53rd edition of TEL 2022

We liked it less

The profile of the test. It is true that Eure-et-Loir offers little elevation, but the 2022 edition should have been a little more rugged. Sometimes we got a little bored, like the 2nd stage, Cloyes – La Ferté-Vidame (191.1 km), where the main difficulties were concentrated in the first 80 kilometers, in the Perx. The remaining 110 km seemed very long. But as Fabrice Henry, the former double winner of the TEL (1988 and 1990), told Cloyes on Saturday morning, it is not because a stage is so long that nothing happens. A stage of 70 terminals can sometimes be more boring than a stage of 200 km. Above all, it’s the runners who run … “

premium Back in pictures at the 53rd edition of the Tour d’Eure-et-Loir

Equipment packages. Of the 144 runners at the start of TEL 2021, the peloton has melted like snow in the sun this year. On Friday, at the big start from La Loupe, there were only 105. “Last year was an exceptional year for the pandemic, and many teams wanted to run,” the organization said. There, with a year back to normal, the TEL, still in high demand, had decided to leave with 21 endowments. But four withdrew, including two on the day of departure. With 17 teams falling, TEL was able to recover, at the last minute, CC Étupes (N1). The truth is that three formations were presented to five, instead of the six runners planned.

Jean-André Provost

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