2022 World Cup: 1.2 million tickets sold, “record demand” and rising house prices

The organizers of the 2022 World Cup estimate ticket sales at 1.2 million after the second phase of sales, a “record demand“.”People are shopping and can’t wait to come, no doubt about it“Organizing Committee General Secretary Hassan Al-Thawadi was pleased during Qatar’s Economic Forum in Doha and in statements reported by AFP, while some supporters’ associations are concerned about the availability and prices of housing or their rights in the rich and wealthy conservative emirate of the Gulf.

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We’re trying to create an environment where the economy benefits, but it’s also affordable and accessible to fans, which isn’t always easy to balance.“The new hotels regularly enter the accommodation platform for spectators with tickets,” he said.

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Accommodation is not a concern. Everything is done to make it enough here and in the neighboring countriesGianni Infantino, president of FIFA, the governing body of world football, added that daily round-trip flights will be established for fans. Although the country has been questioned by NGOs on the subject of respect for human rights, and especially for migrant workers, Mr Al-Thawadi reiterated hisprogress, progress“made since the tournament was awarded in 2010.

It’s not a focus“He said he would stay in Qatar.”committed“in this domain”after the World Cup“. In the face of criticism,” (our) fatigue comes from the misrepresentation of the facts (…) and what is happening on the groundhe lamented.


Infantino insisted on FIFA’s commitment to defending human and migrant rights in the country. “because progress must be maintained“On the issue of the LGBTQ community’s reception in the emirate, where homosexuality is criminalized, which also worries some supporters.”everyone will be welcome, the FIFA chief said. We have received the necessary guarantees, we are training those responsible, we are working side by side with the government and the police authorities.. “

We ask people to respect our culture, which I think is not too much to ask (…) and let them know each other.“Al-Thawadi argued that FIFA also announced in a press release on Wednesday that it would have 96 volunteers on the field during the tournament (accompanied by ten team leaders) responsible for discussing with viewers on human rights issues.

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As for preparing for the World Cup with less than five months to go. “the main infrastructures have been completed and we are already in operation“Including accommodation and routes,” said the general secretary of Mondial-2022.

In total, the organizers of the first World Cup in an Arab country, from November 21 to December 18, said they had registered 40 million ticket applications, 17 million during the first phase of sales and 23 million during the second. There are just over 3 million tickets available in total (2 million on sale and 1 million reserved for FIFA and its partners) and more than 1 million visitors are expected in a country of 2.8 million of inhabitants.

For the next sales phase, the dates of which are unknown, the principle of first come, first served, and no draw will take place.

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